Is cláirseoir mé, agus múinteoir sean-chláirseach. Taim í mo chónaí in Ard Mhaca, ach is as Sasana mé.

I was born and grew up on the edge of the New Forest, and I loved being up on the heath, or at the beach. My mother taught me change-ringing on tower bells when I was just a boy. I went away to University and studied physics for one year before switching to archaeology. I spent many years drifting, travelling, making things, and reading, before turning to music.

I became interested in the old Scottish and Irish harp traditions based on the earlier work of Ann Heymann. I started gathering information about the extant historical harps preserved in museums, and this led to commissioning replicas or copies of them. I did a lot of work researching and experimenting with historical stringing and setup. I also started collating and studying the sources for old Irish and Scottish harp music, aiming to restore the old music to the reconstructed instruments.

I lived in Oxford for 8 years, and then in St Andrews for 12 years, before moving to Armagh in 2018.

Photo: Brenda Malloy