I play in public concerts, though I prefer informal domestic music-making.

I have performed with the replica 14th-century “Queen Mary” harp at venues including at the British Museum, London (2016 & 2018); on the Isle of Skye recreating 14th century Clan Donald bardic poetry performance with singer Gillebrìde MacMillan (2014); and in Brittany at the Dinan harp festival (2012).

I have performed with a big 18th-century style Irish harp in concerts of 18th and 19th century music, including 18th century pibroch or ceòl mór at the Festival of Early Irish harp in Kilkenny (2018), and early 19th century settings of Irish & Scottish harp tunes at the bicentenary “Nathaniel Gow’s Dance Band Concert” in Edinburgh (2017)