Peer-reviewed articles

‘Provenance and recording of an eighteenth-century harp’, Galpin Society Journal LXXIII (forthcoming, Spring 2020)

‘Medieval Gaelic harp setup’ Early Music Performer 40, Spring 2017, p.16-25

‘The early Irish harp’ Early Music vol 36 no.4, November 2008, pp.521-532

Book chapters

‘The contest between instrument and idea: “the harp”’, in The Cultural History of Musical Instruments in Scotland, 1700-Present Day, eds. Hugh Cheape & Vivien Williams. Birlinn, (forthcoming, September 2019)

Books & pamphlets

Progressive Lessons. Early Gaelic Harp Info, completely re-written 3rd edition 2017

The Trinity College or Brian Boru harp Early Gaelic Harp Info, 2015

The Queen Mary harp Early Gaelic Harp Info, 2015

Progressive Lessons for early Gaelic harp. Early Gaelic Harp Info, 2nd edition 2014

Clarsach Lessons for Young Harpers Early Gaelic Harp Info, 2012

Gestures. Early Gaelic Harp Info, 2011

Progressive Lessons for early Gaelic harp Early Gaelic Harp Info, 1st edition 2009


‘Port Rorie Dall’, by Ruaidhrí Dall Ó Catháin, per. James Aird, Selection of Scotch, English, Irish & foreign airs Volume 6, 1801. ISRC: UK/H8E/16/00010 Track 9 on The Friends of Wighton CD, FOW001, 2016

Lament for the Union CD, EGH4, 2014

Tarbh CD, EGH3, 2013

Old Gaelic Laments CD, EGH2, 2012

Clàrsach na Bànrighe CD, EGH1, 2008

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