Simon Chadwick - Early Harp

Summer Recitals of
Ancient Harp Music
for 2016

All Saints Church Hall, North Castle Street,
St Andrews, Fife, Scotland

First Wednesday or Thursday of each month at 12.45pm

Admission to all the events is free

Thursday 2nd June, 12.45pm
“Salve Splendor”
A programme of medieval sacred music from St Andrews and further afield, played on the replica Queen Mary harp.

Wednesday 6th July, 12.45pm
“Cogadh no Sith”
This epic half-hour pibroch tune has traditional associations with the medieval Lords of the Isles in the West of Scotland.

Wednesday 3rd August, 12.45pm
“The Memoirs of Arthur O’Neill”
baroque Irish harp music, from the repertory of one of the last of the old Irish harpers, interspersed with amusing and scandalous anecdotes from his autobiography (c.1800). Played on the big Irish harp.

Thursday 8th September, 12.45pm
“Heroic music” - Tristram, Arthur, & Fionn mac Cumhaill.
Medieval and traditional tunes and songs associated with the heroic myths and legends of the old traditions. Hear the music said to ave been played in front of King Arthur and his Knights, as they sat at the Round Table!

Programmes subject to revision!

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