English bog oak

I recently made two items from Cumbrian bog oak, a tuning key and a pendant.


The pendant was a gift for my mother; the tuning key is for my own use as I was never 100% happy with the one I made a year and a half ago. The socket was always a bit loose and as I was making a new socket I thought I would go the whole hog and do a completely new key.


This is a lovely piece of bog oak from the Cumbrian coast. It is quite cracked and split where the tree was exposed as the layer of peat was eroded by the sea, but in between the splits the wood is very dense and hard and has a kind of slate grey colour and texture. I think this is even nicer than the piece of Scottish bog oak I have.


I wondered about putting a loop on the end of the tuning key and tying ribbons to it… perhaps next time.


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