Scotland’s Treasures

For the next month, you can view the BBC TV documentary Scotland’s Treasures on iPlayer.

I went in to the Museum in Edinburgh with Karen Loomis one evening in August, to do filming with the Queen Mary harp. Alexander McCall Smith was there to “present” thae harp, and he asked Karen some insightful questions about it. I played fragments of “Cogadh no Sith” for the cameras. I think the final result is a very atmospheric and evocative portrayal of the Queen Mary harp as one of “Scotland’s Treasures”, accurate, respectful, informative, and compelling.

I was only asked to come in to play for this filming after I had just cut my nails short to explore the 18th century baroque Irish harp repertory. So this was played with a full complement of stick-on ping-pong nails, and my head firmly in baroque mode! Make of that what you will!

One thought on “Scotland’s Treasures”

  1. Het Simon,

    That sounds interesting! IPlayer is only for the UK I found. Is there a way to watch it in another way that you know of?

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