Harp Concert in St Andrews

Today was the first in my series of lunchtime harp concerts in St Andrews. This is the first year that we have not been running these in the Cathedral ruins so I was apprehensive both about the new venue, and how many people would come.

In the end the venue was wonderful. All Saints church hall is a very atmospheric place, with lovely carved oak panelled walls decorated with painted wooden plaques, and big high arched windows letting the light from the sky stream in. The acoustics of the room are very nice for the harp as well.

Turnout was modest, but no less than we used to get at the cathedral for the first event of the season.

I played Cogadh no Sith, an epic half-hour pibroch. People were entranced; more than one commented that it felt like a lot less than half an hour, how they were “sucked in” to the music.

I’m looking forward to the next in the series on 2nd July already!

Harp concerts in St Andrews

Every summer from 2007 to 2013, I have performed a series of summer concerts for Historic Scotland at St Andrews Cathedral ruins. Unfortunately from 2014 the Cathedral are no longer able to host this popular series.

However, I really wanted to continue with this fine tradition and so we have booked All Saints Church hall on North Castle Street in the heart of old St Andrews. This is a nice arts-and-crafts venue, and I have used it before for a concert.

I also wanted to keep the concerts as free admission events as they have been since the very beginning.

This is where you come in. In the absence of reliable institutional funding, would you be able to help keep this series going as one of the highlights of the summer season in St Andrews?

I have set up an indiegogo crowdfunding page at igg.me/at/harp

Any amount that you are able to contribute will be a great help towards the costs of running this series.

I am planning to run four concerts, on the first Wednesday of each month from June through to September, at 12.45pm.

You can see details of the proposed programmes on the website at

Please pass this on to any friends you know who would be interested in helping support the harp concert series. And I hope to see you at the concerts!