I have been publishing books and CDs since 2008. Initially I started by publishing my own work but now I am more interested in publishing other people’s work.

Published in 2021:

Sylvia Crawford, An introduction to old Irish harp playing techniques (Armagh: Simon Chadwick, 2021)

This book explains how to play the three first tunes traditionally taught to young Irish harpers. Working phrase-by-phrase though each of the tunes, Sylvia’s descriptions, photographs and music notation guide your fingers to learn the playing techniques of the old Irish harpers.

There is also an introductory section explaining Sylvia’s work in reconstructing the lost art of playing the old Irish harp.

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Older titles still in print and available to order

These items were published under my old imprint “Early Gaelic Harp Info”.


Simon Chadwick, Progressive Lessons (St Andrews: Early Gaelic Harp Info, 2017).
A source book for the old Irish harp traditions, with manuscript facsimiles of the three first tunes. £20

Daniel Tokar & Ann Heymann, Dialogue on Historical Wire for Gaelic Harp (St Andrews, Early Gaelic Harp Info, 2011).
A report on experiments with different hand-made wire strings: brass, bronze, iron, silver and gold. Includes electron-microscope images of wires, and detailed measurements of pitches and behaviours of the different alloys. £13


Simon Chadwick, Lament for the Union (Audio CD, Early Gaelic Harp Info 2014) £5

Simon Chadwick, Tarbh (Audio CD, Early Gaelic Harp Info 2013) £15

Simon Chadwick, Old Gaelic Laments (Audio CD, Early Gaelic Harp Info 2012) £15

Simon Chadwick, Clàrsach na Bànrighe (Audio CD, Early Gaelic Harp Info 2008) £15

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