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The following titles are currently in stock; others may be available:

Alison KinnairdThe silver string£15CD + DVD
Alison KinnairdThe Harper’s Gallery£20Secondhand vinyl LP
Ann HeymannQueen of Harps£15CD
Ann HeymannCruit go nor£15CD
Ann Heymann and Alison KinnairdThe Harper’s Land£15CD
Barnaby Brown, Clare Salaman, Bill TaylorSpellweaving£15CD
Bill TaylorMusica£15CD
Bonnie RideoutHarlaw£15CD
Bonnie RideoutScotland’s Fiddle piobaireachd vol. 2£15CD
Bonnie RideoutScotland’s Fiddle piobaireachd vol. 1£15CD
Bonnie ShaljeanFarewell to Lough Neagh£15CD
Brendan RingCumha£15CD
Cass MeurigCrwth£15CD
Chad McAnallyOf bards and beggars£15CD
Chad McAnallyChasing the winter sun£15CD
Chad McAnallyO Cearbhallain – Ri na nDall£15CD
Chad McAnally and Shawn McBurnieBlackbird from the willow sings£15CD
Choir of Gonville & Caius CollegeIn praise of saint Columba£15CD
Clairseach (with Ann Heymann)Heman Dubh£15CD
Clairseach (with Ann Heymann)Let Erin RememberCD compilation of two vinyl LPs
Clairseach (with Ann Heymann)On Tour£15Cassette tape
Clairseach (with Ann Heymann)Let Erin Remember£20Secondhand vinyl LP
Clairseach (with Ann Heymann)Ann’s Harp£20Secondhand vinyl LP
Ed Lyon17th century playlist£15CD (with Siobhán Armstrong)
Fitkin WallStill Warm£15CD
Fitkin WallLost£15CD
Grainne YeatsThe Belfast harp festival£20Double CD
Heloise Russell-FergussonOut there£15Compilation of 4 Eps
Heloise Russell-FergussonCeol Clarsaich£1510” EP vinyl record, secondhand
Heloise Russell-FergussonAn Treisamh£1510” EP vinyl record, secondhand
Jacqueline LynaughTales from the end of the earth & beyant£15CD
Jakeza Le Lay and Violaine MayorBretaigne est poesie£15CD
James RuffThe Gaels Honour£15CD
Javier SainzSilva Caledonia£15CD
Jim JohnstonAn Triu domhan£15CD
Jonathan Dunford & Rob MacKillopLove is the cause£15CD
Leah StuttardThe wool merchant and the harp£15CD
Les SacqueboutiersThe Cries of London£33Featuring Siobhán Armstrong. Secondhand, out of print
Les WitchesLord Gallaway’s Delight£15CD
Mara GalassiMicrocosm Concerto£15CD
Margaret Stewart & Allan MacDonaldColla mo run£15CD
Margaret Stewart & Allan MacDonaldFhuair Mi Pog£15CD
Martin EastwellLady Maggie’s Lilt£15CD
Martin MeehanThe Fox’s Lament£15CD (with Sylvia Crawford)
Nancy HurrellThe Egan Irish harp£15CD
Paul DooleyRip the Calico£33Secondhand, out of print
Paul DooleyMusic from the Robert ap Huw manuscript volume 1£33Secondhand, out of print
Paul DooleyThe Harpers fancy£15CD
Peter BerryDurdabhla£15CD
Rhodri DaviesTelyn Rawn£15CD
Rob MacKillopFlowers of the Forest£33Secondhand, out of print
Rob MacKillop, William Taylor, etcGraysteil£33Secondhand, out of print
Ruth WallThree harps of christmas£15CD
Ruth WallThe Uncommon Harp£15CD
Shahnaz MosamNel fitto del bosco£15CD
Simon ChadwickTarbh£15CD
Simon ChadwickOld Gaelic Laments£15CD
Simon ChadwickClàrsach na Bànrighe£15CD
Simon ChadwickLament for the Union£5CD EP
Siobhan ArmstrongClairseach na hEireann£15CD
Siobhan ArmstrongMusic Ireland and the sixteenth century£15CD
The Harp ConsortExquisite Consorts£15Secondhand CD (with Andrew Lawrence-King)
The Harp ConsortCarolan’s Harp£15CD (with Andrew Lawrence-King)
The Rowallan ConsortNotes of Noy-Notes of Joy£15CD
Tim HampsonIn the kitchen£15CD
Vicente La Camera MarinoThe toutching of the string£15CD
Violaine MayorD’eau et de lumiere£15CD
Violaine MayorGens Cambrina£15CD
Violaine MayorStrujenn Haleg£15CD
William MathesonGaelic bards and minstrels£15CD
William TaylorTwo Worlds of the Welsh harp£33Secondhand, out of print
Ceol na Pioba – Piob Mhor£15CD
A Celtic Christmas£15CD of traditional midwinter music from Britain and Ireland
Scotland’s Music£15Double CD to accompany John Purser’s book