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Abbie BetinisAililú, Ó Íosa, I. An Caoineadh£5Score for harp, vielle and choir
Alison KinnairdReflections£12Album of visual art, includes DVD.
Andrew Lawrence-KingLucas Ruiz de Ribayaz, Luz y Norte Musical£8Arrangements of tunes
Andrew Lawrence-KingDer Hapffenschlaeger£8Techniques for early harps
Anicius Manlius Severinus BoethiusFundamentals of Music£1201989 hardback first edition. English translation of “De Musica” by Calvin M. Bower
Ann HeymannLegacy of the 1792 Belfast Harp Festival£8Arrangements of tunes
Ann HeymannA Gaelic Harper’s First Tunes£50Secondhand paperback
Ann HeymannOff the Record£8Arrangements of tunes
Arthur O’NeillMemoirs£10Paperback booklet, reprint of the 1911 text from Annals of the Irish harpers
Barry CunliffeThe Celts – a very short introduction£82003 paperback
Bill TaylorEarly Scottish Airs for small wire strung clarsach£15Arrangements of tunes
Breandán Ó MadagáinCaointe agus seancheolte eile / keening and other old Irish musics£19Paperback with CD
Cedric Thorpe DavieScotland’s Music£61980 paperback first edition. A slim overview
Charlotte Milligan FoxAnnals of the Irish Harpers£1501917 John Murray hardback reprint of 1911 original. Includes Arthur O’Neill, Memoirs, as well as extracts from Edward Bunting’s correspondence, and illustrations.
Christine Y DelynCláirseach, la harpe Irlandaise, aux origines de la harpe celtique£101998 paperback in French
Claire PolinThe ap Huw manuscript£1201982 hardback, published by the Institute of Medieval Music. Edition of the music
Colm Ó BaoillBàrdachd Shìlis na Ceapaich, poems and songs by Sìleas McDonald£231972 hardback
Dáibhí Ó CróinínA New History of Ireland 1: Prehistoric and Early Ireland£30paperback
Daniel Tokar and Ann HeymannDialogue on historical wire for Gaelic harps£132011 paperback
David JohnsonScottish fiddle music in the eighteenth century£252005 edition. Includes historical commentary and editions of music
Denis RixsonThe West Highland Galley£5paperback, history of boats
Derick ThomsonAn Introduction to Gaelic Poetry£5Secondhand paperback
Donal O’SullivanCarolan, the Life Times and Music of an Irish Harper£50Secondhand 2 vol paperback (1983 reprint of original edition)
Donal O’Sullivan (not attributed)Complete Collection of the Much Admired Old Irish Tunes The Original and Genuine Compositions of Carolan… suitable for most instruments£20Secondhand paperback. 1984 reprint of the tunes from O’Sullivan’s Life Times & Music with a new introduction by Gráinne Yeats.
Donal O’Sullivan with Mícheál Ó SúilleabháinBunting’s Ancient Music of Ireland edited from the original manuscripts£1201983 hardback. Editions of tunes with commentary
Edward BuntingThe Ancient Music of Ireland£3501840 first edition
Edward BuntingThe Ancient Music of Ireland£20Dover paperback facsimile (secondhand)
Edward BuntingGeneral Collection of The Ancient Music of Ireland£702012 hardback reprint of 1811 reprint of 1809 edition, published by the Linen hall Library
Edward BuntingA General Collection of the Ancient Irish Music…£701996 Linen Hall Library limited edition paperback facsimile of 1797 original
Edward BuntingGeneral Collection of The Ancient Music of Ireland£3501809 first edition in original printed boards
Eugene O’CurryOn the Manners and Customs of the Early Irish volume 3£10Cheap modern paperback reprint of 1873 original (volume 3 of 3 only)
Fintan VallelyThe Companion to Irish Traditional Music£20Secondhand hardback, 1999 edition
Frances TolmieOne hundred and five songs of occupation from the western isles of Scotland£51997 paperback reprint of 1911 edition. Song words, translations, tunes and commentary
George StevensThe Irish Harp, its History, Players and Technique£17Spiral bound dissertation
Gerald of WalesThe History and Topography of Ireland£10Penguin paperback translation of Giraldus Cambrensis
Gerald of WalesThe Journey through Wales and the Description of Wales£11Penguin paperback translation of Giraldus Cambrensis
Gráinne YeatsThe Harp of Ireland. The Belfast Harper’s Festival and the saving of Ireland’s harp music by Edward Bunting£151992 paperback
Helen LawlorIrish harping 1900-2010£352012 hardback.
Hélène WitcherMadame Scotia, Madam Scrap. The story of Héloïse Russell-Fergusson 1896-1970£122017 paperback
Hugh CheapeBagpipes – a national collection of a national instrument£16includes CD-ROM
Huw Roberts & Llio RhydderchTelynorion Llannerch-y-Medd / The harpers of Llannerch-y-Medd£102000 paperback edition. Unfortunately missing its accompanying CD. 19th and early 20th century Welsh harp traditions.
James A. H. MurrayThe romance and prophecies of Thomas of Erceldoune£111991 reprint of 1875 scholarly edition of long medieval poem
James Porter (ed)Defining Strains – The musical life of Scots in the seventeenth century£552007 paperback collection of essays
Joan RimmerThe Irish Harp – Cláirseach na hÉireann£35I usually have various editions available
John C HinesEarly Music for the Wire Harp£15Arrangements of tunes
John J. O’Meara (trans)The voyage of Saint Brendan£5paperback translation of medieval text
John MageeThe Heritage of the Harp£101992 paperback about the 1792 Belfast festival and associated events
John PurserScotland’s Music£1001992 hardback first edition, also 2007 hardback second edition
John T. KochThe Gododdin of Aneirin£110Secondhand 1997 paperback. Translation and edition of medieval poem
Johnson & BoswellA tour to the Hebrides£15Old Oxford University Press blue hardback of R.W. Chapman’s editions of both texts. Includes map
Julian AttertonThe last harper£5Children’s novel, secondhand paperback
Karen MarshalsayGuid Scots Sangs£12Arrangements of tunes
Karen MarshalsayKey Techniques for Harp£12Method book
Kuno MeyerSanas Cormaic (Cormac’s Glossary)£51994 paperback reprint of 1913 Irish scholarly edition
Liam P. Ó Murchú (ed)Amhráin Chearbhalláin / The Poems of Carolan: Reassessments£25
Linda GowansAm Bròn Binn£15Scholarly analysis of Scottish Gaelic ballad song
Malachi McCormickThe Roots of Music: The Irish Harp in Poetry & Legend.£30Three handmade booklets in slipcase. Poems and commentary
Mark EveristThe Cambridge Companion to Medieval Music£222011 paperback
Martha Goodway & Jay Scott OdellThe Historical Harpsichord volume two: The metallurgy of 17th and 18th century music wire£33Technical study of old strings
Martin van SchaikThe harp in the middle ages: the symbolism of a musical instrument£45Scholarly study of visual symbolism and depictions. 1992 first edition paperback. Also revised edition 2005.
Michael PraetoriusSyntagma Musicum II De Organographia Parts I and II£27Tranlated by David Z Crookes from the 17th century original. Includes the illustrations
Mike ParkerChild of Pure Harmony – a source book for the single-action harp£142005 paperback. A digest of early 19th century harp methods
Murray LefkowitzMusica Britannica 21: William Lawes Select Consort Music£75Large format paperback, 1963 edition of consort music
Nancy BondA string in the harp£5Children’s novel, secondhand paperback
Nancy HurrellThe Egan Irish harps£432019 hardback
Nicholas CarolanJohn & William Neal, A Collection of the most celebrated Irish tunes proper for the violin, German flute or hautboy, Dublin 1724£402010 hardback edition, complete facsimile with detailed introduction, notes and commentary.
Nora Joan ClarkThe story of the Irish harp, its history and influence£20Paperback
Osian EllisHanes y Delyn yng Nghymru / The Story of the Harp in Wales£251980 paperback first edition
Patricia FinneyA Shadow of Gulls£20Children’s novel. Secondhand first edition hardback
Patrick McDonaldThe Patrick McDonald Collection: Highland vocal airs, Country dances or Reels of the north Highlands and Western Isles (first published 1784)£192000 paperback edition from Taigh na Teud
Peter DowneyEdward Bunting and the Ancient Irish Music: The Publication History of A General Collection of the Ancient Irish Music… Adapted for Piano-Forte (London, Preston & Son)£16Scholarly study of the publication of Bunting’s 1797 book
Rauno NieminenJouhikko – The Bowed Lyre£44Includes audio CD. The complete practical guide to this Scandinavian bowed instrument.
Robert ap HuwMusica£25Hardback facsimile of the 17th century manuscript
Robert Bruce ArmstrongThe Irish and Highland Harps£1501969 Praeger hardback facsimile of 1904 original. Includes fold-out plates
Robert PhillipsMusic for the Lute in Scotland£11Transcriptions of Scottish lute music
Roderick Cannon (ed.)Joseph MacDonald’s Compleat Theory of the Scots Highland Bagpipe (c.1760)£35Large-format paperback. 1994 edition of the original manuscript (2010 reprint)
Ronn McFarlaneHighland King£14Transcriptions of Scottish lute music
Roy JohnstonBunting’s Messiah£10Musical biography of Edward Bunting detailing his diverse musical activities
Russell WaltonA Harp of Fishbones£25Myths and legends. Secondhand paperback
Sally HarperMusic in Welsh Culture before 1650: A study of the principal sources£1102007 hardback
Sandra Joyce & Helen LawlorHarp Studies£402016 hardback. Includes Paul Dooley The Harp in the time of Giraldus, and Ann Heymann three iconic Gaelic harp pieces
Séamus Ó BrógáinThe Wolfhound guide to the Irish harp emblem£10Slim paperback
Seán O BoyleOgam, the poet’s secret£501980 paperback first edition
Sebastian VirdungMusica Getutscht£28A treatise on musical instruments (1511) Edited and translated by Beth Bullard. Paperback
Sharan NewmanThe Dagda’s harp£10Children’s novel. Secondhand ex-library hardback
Simon ChadwickProgressive Lessons£20Sources for learning old Irish harp, includes CD
Simon ChadwickThe Trinity College or Brian Boru harp£10Illustrated Pamphlet
Simon ChadwickThe Queen Mary harp£10Illustrated Pamphlet
Simon FraserThe Airs and Melodies peculiar to the Highlands of Scotland and the Isles£14Spiral bound facsimile of 1874 piano collection
Simon JamesThe Atlantic Celts – Ancient people or modern invention?£12Secondhand 1999 paperback first edition (British Museum Press)
Somhairle Mac Ghill Eathain (Sorley MacLean)Dain do Eimhir agus Dain Eile£1501943 hardback first edition, ex-library. Modernist Scottish Gaelic poems with illustrations by William Crosbie
Stuart EydmannIn Good Hands – The Clarsach Society and the Renaissance of the Scottish harp£132017 paperback
Thomas Forest KellyEarly Music, a very short introduction£8Paperback
Tom MaherThe Harp’s a wonder£10Secondhand paperback, General overview
Tomás Ó CanainnTraditional music in Ireland£101993 paperback reprint of very important 1978 overview text.
Tomás Ó Máille (ed)Amhráin Chearbhalláin: The Poems of Carolan£42Hardback reprint, in Irish
Wayne CrippsThe Straloch Manuscript£25Transcriptions of Scottish lute music
Wayne CrippsThe Rowallan Manuscript£25Transcriptions of Scottish lute music
William DonaldsonThe Highland Pipe and Scottish Society 1750-1950£30Paperback. Excellent social history of music in Scotland.
William LawesThe Harp Consorts£40PRB Viol Concert Series No. 62B, full score and parts
William MathesonThe Blind Harper (an Clarsair Dall). The songs of Roderick Morison and his music£231970 hardback
Early Music 7/4 October 1979£10Includes Michael Morrow, the Renaissance Harp
Early Music 11/4 October 1983£10Includes correspondence from Hadaway
Early Music 8/1 Januray 1980£10Includes Robert Hadaway, the recreation of an Italian Renaissance harp
Early Music 11/1 January 1983£10Includes Robert Hadaway, A knot of harp strings
Early Music 9/3 July 1981£10Includes correspondence from Hadaway
Early Music 8/4 October 1980£10Includes observations from Hobrough
Early Music 11/3 July 1983£10Includes correspondence from Ann Buckley
Early Music 15/4 November 1987£10Includes correspondence from Layton Ring
Early Music 36/4 November 2008£10Includes Simon Chadwick, The early Irish harp
Cambrian Medieval Celtic Studies, 42, Winter 2001£5Includes Sally Harper, So how many Irishmen went to Glyn Achlach? Early accounts of the formation of Cerdd Dant
Singing the Reformation£4Edinburgh University exhibition brochure, 2011, about the Wode Partbooks
Hanes Cerddoriaeth Cymru – Welsh Music History 6, 2004£15Includes Frans Buisman, A parallel between Scottish pibroch and early Welsh harp music
Irish Musical Studies 10: Music, Ireland and the Seventeenth Century£502009 hardback. Includes Adrian Scahill, Irish traditional music in the seventeenth century, and John Cunningham, the Irish harp in non-Irish contexts in the seventeenth century.
The Stirling Heads£101975 guide booklet includes a small photograph of each carving
Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society vol 102, 1997£33Includes Diarmaid Ó Catháin’s article: Revd Charles Bunworth of Buttevant, patron of harpers and poets
Irish Musical Studies 1: Musicology in Ireland£301990 hardback. Includes Ann Buckey, Musical instruments in Ireland from the ninth to the fourteenth centuries
Hands – Harp Making DVD£20DVD film by David Shaw-Smith, about harpmaker Peter Kilroy
Strangers to Citizens: The Irish in Europe 1600-1800£5National Library of Ireland exhibition papmphlet