Tuning keys

Standard tuning key

Hand-carved handle from Scottish wood, beeswax finish, steel or brass square socket in one of 7 standard sizes from 4.0mm to 6.25mm (other sizes can be made – contact me for details). If you are not 100% sure what size you need, I will send you a selection of plain sockets so you can try them and see which size fits your pins best, or you can send me one of your pins. £45

Deluxe tuning key

I can make any size or shape of key to fit any harp, whether rectangular socket, multiple different sized sockets; bone or bog-oak handle, gilded decoration, long handle, no handle “pendant” shape… tell me what you want!
Base price £45 – then add options…
Carved bands add £20
Painting add £30
Gilding add £50
Scottish or English bog oak add £30
Other woods add £10
Suspension loop add £15
Other options… ask me

I started out in 2014 making a deluxe key for my replica of the Queen Mary harp, which has rectangular drive heads plus one extra square drive. So I made a key with a handmade rectangular socket, and a second square socket concealed in the handle. Get in touch with your custom tuning key requirements and I’ll see what I can do for you!

Keyring tuning key

You can use these keys for emergency backup tuning key on your keyring, or you can use them as the basis for making a custom key for your harp. The small ones are ordinary radiator keys which are 4.8mm; the large ones are ordinary clock keys which come in a range of sizes in 0.25mm increments.

Large handle, made from brass or steel (clock key). A variety of sizes available. Please check your tuning pin size before ordering. You can return a key that does not fit, and try the next size. £6
Small handle, made from brass (radiator key). 4.8mm size, £2
Small handle, any other size, £20.
Deluxe keyring tuning key. I can make you a miniature version of any of my full-sized tuning keys. The price will be the same as the full-sized version. I recommend the option of a suspension loop (add £15 to the basic price).

How to order:

Send an email to shop@simonchadwick.net, or phone or text me, telling me what you would like.

Please note: postage is charged extra. Click here for payment information.

If you are not sure what you need, still get in touch and ask me. There is no commitment to place an order; just call or email and see if the price and description is really what you are after. I am happy to recommend other sellers who might have what you need.