I recommend Malcolm Rose’s yellow brass wire for stringing your harp. I have most gauges here in stock. I can cut whatever length you want, at £2.50 per meter.

If your treble strings are too long for brass, I recommend Malcolm Rose’s soft iron wire. I have some gauges in stock and I can cut whatever length you need at £2.50 per meter.

Some people like to use red brass in the bass of their harp. I have some stock of 90/10 red brass from Malcolm Rose, and 85/15 red brass from Marc Vogel and from Rio Grande. The Vogel red brass is £5 per meter; the others are £2.50 per meter.

The strings are attached inside the harp with hardwood toggles. These are 30p each on their own, or £1.80 each wound onto the ends of your strings. You can download a free instruction diagram showing how to wind the toggles and how to install the string on your harp.

If you don’t know what wires you need, you can look at my stringcharts, or get in touch and I will be happy to advise.

Listen to Malcolm Rose talk about his work making the wire:

Strings for medieval Scottish and Irish harp replicas

I can make sterling silver bass strings for medieval harps. The cost is £25 per meter. I can supply gold strings as well; the price depends on the individual string but they are very expensive.

For medieval harps I recommend brass toggles. These cost £1 each on their own, or £2.50 each wound onto the ends of your strings. Medieval harps tend not to have back access holes, so you need to string through the front soundholes. I can supply you with a thick and a thin fishing wire, £5 for the thin wire, £2 for the thick one. You can download a free instruction diagram showing how to fish wires into a medieval harp.

Strings for Other instruments

While my main business is old Irish harps, I am happy to also advise or supply strings for other wire-strung instruments, such as psalteries, harpsichords, etc. I can wind harpsichord-style loop on the end of a string if you want.

String marker pens

I don’t recommend coloured strings; if you use the traditional old Irish harp playing techniques (as described in Sylvia Crawford’s book) then colours are completely unnecessary. However if you still use the classical harp system of red and blue coloured strings, I do still have limited stock of acrylic marker pens which can be used to add colour to metal wire strings. The colour can be completely removed by rubbing with a damp pot-scourer. £7 per pair (one red, one blue).

How to order:

Send an email to shop@simonchadwick.net, or phone or text me, telling me what you would like.

Please note: postage is charged extra. Click here for payment information.

If you are not sure what you need, still get in touch and ask me. There is no commitment to place an order; just call or email and see if the price and description is really what you are after. I am happy to recommend other sellers who might have what you need.