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Antique brooches

Showing early Irish harps. I am trying to keep in stock a selection, carefully chosen for being reasonably accurate depictions of extant early Irish harps. At present we can offer two types:
Fanciful design, set with Connemara marble. Un-hallmarked silver colour metal, incised designs. Hinged pin with old-fashioned hook clasp on back. I think these date from the late 19th or early 20th century. £50
Enamelled, plated bronze, depicting the Trinity college harp fairly accurately. 2cm long. Hinged pin and old-fashioned hook clasp on back. I think these date from the 1940s or 50s. Some have discreet lettering “Harp Lager”; some have no lettering. £12 lettered / £16 unlettered.
Please enquire for the colours and designs currently available.

Antique Irish silver coins

Various dates between 1928 and 1950. 75% pure silver, with the harp design on the front and an animal on the back.
Shilling (1s), bull, £7
Florin (2s), salmon, £14
Halfcrown (2/6), horse, £17.50
Please enquire for coins currently available.

Music pen

Old-fashioned dip pen with five nibs, for drawing a music staff or stave onto plain paper. The “Brause” metal nib is separate, and fits into the wooden penholder (handle). Very useful for adding small amounts of music notation to a notebook or sheet of paper. Must be used with a bottle of ink. £8

3D goggles

3D anaglyph images are a great way to see the subtle shapes and structures of the old harps. To view my anaglyph images, you’ll need a pair of red/cyan goggles. £1