St Andrews chapel wedding harp and bells

Yesterday I played for a wedding in St Salvator’s chapel here in St Andrews. My main role was to play the medieval Scottish wedding march “Ex Te Lux Oritur” for the formal entrance procession of the wedding party, which was I think a great success. There was some excellent trumpet and organ music played by Bede Williams and Tom Wilkinson during the ceremony as well. I had to slip out before the end (not easy to do this discretely) as I was also a part of the band of bellringers, ringing the chapel bells as the wedding party left the chapel at the end of the ceremony. I think this is the first time I have played harp music as well as rung the bells at one wedding before.

The weather was pleasantly sunny and so everyone gathered on the University quad lawn for champagne, and I played background music for as long as there were people listening. The photo below shows the harp resting in the sunlight beside the gardens where I was playing.

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