The Headless Ghost

I got a call from the local paper today. They had picked up on my forthcoming concert in the cathedral ruins on Thursday 1st August, where the title of the event is “Colainn gun Cheann – Ranald and the Ghost”, and the programme will include spooky and supernatural tales of the headless body and other otherworldly beings.

The journalist wanted to know, would there be any unusual photo-opportunities? I explained that it would be myself, wearing a suit, playing the harp in the cathedral ruins, just like normal, and they seemed disappointed. But this got me thinking, what were they expecting? What kind of manifestation might be appropriate without being utterly tacky? Suggestions please.

2 thoughts on “The Headless Ghost”

  1. "If it bleeds it leads, if it thinks it stinks" is the motto of journalists. They're in the entertainment business not the education business. If you want coverage then make a gory headless costume and howl while you play.

    The least tacky thing I can think of is to have historical images projected onto different walls as you play and talk.

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