Third time lucky

I started my blog on 17th May 2010. I shifted it to a WordPress site hosted at on 4th October 2014. Now that I’m no longer based in Scotland I have let that domain go, and after some consideration, I decided to streamline things and move the blog and the archive onto my personal home page.

I still aim to post at least one thing a month – you will see from the archives that I failed this August due to my move to Armagh, and travelling to Kilkenny and Brittany.

My home page image is of my new business card. This is done as an homage to my grandfather whose business card forms the header to this post.

Thanks for reading this far and I hope to see you around here in the future as well!

Website troubles

I apologise for the problems that have been plaguing my websites the past few days. There were some serious troubles at the company that hosts the pages. I have temporarily taken the websites offline while they are checked over, but I hope that they will be back to normal later today. Please let me know if you see anything unusual, suspicious or odd at all.