Change of address

After 12½ years in St Andrews I have moved to Armagh – from the ancient ecclesiastical centre of Scotland, to the ancient ecclesiastical centre of Ireland.

Armagh is a lovely city built on seven hills. Two of the hills have the two cathedrals on; one has the observatory, and I live on another. The city is full of learning and culture, and I look forward to exploring its library and museum collections as well as finding out more about the cultural life of the city.

I am within easy travel distance of both Belfast and Dublin and so I hope to be in both those cities regularly, as well as travelling more around Ireland.

I also hope to continue coming to Scotland – I already have a concert booked in Aberdeen in September.

I have not yet decided what to do about the web address of this blog. When I set up I did not consider that I might be based furth of Scotland! But it has turned into my primary research publication place – I am maintaining but my new research mostly gets put here alongside musings and news.


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