A half-hour pibroch

Today in St Andrews I played the second in this summer’s season of medieval harp concerts. I chose to play the traditional piobaireachd, Cogadh no sith (war or peace), re-imagined as a medieval ceremonial march for the Lords of the Isles.

I filmed the concert, so you can listen to the 32 minute performance.

Loads of people arrived at the last minute, so we had to get a lot more chairs out, which is why I’m a little unsettled at the beginning. The doubling of the ground especially is a bit wobbly. But the variations settled down nicely.

I played the six medieval harp-style no problem, and then switched low to start the pibroch-style variations. Just yesterday I remembered an old idea to do the two contrasting low variations, and then I added in a new low variation based on a variation in a different pibroch, Cath nan Eun.

Something I often forget to do is to vary the pseudo-note in the Taorluth variation, but I remembered today.

I was very stressed towards the end. But I think it went well.

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