Medieval Gaelic harp setup and repertory

At Scoil na gCláirseach last month I presented a lecture and a workshop on the medieval Gaelic harp traditions. The lecture outlined my recent work on the setup and tuning of the medieval Gaelic harps, while the workshop later in the week explored the different strands of evidence for medieval Gaelic music.

The first lecture presented my work over the past six months on trying to work out a more plausible setup and tuning for replica medieval Gaelic harps. Here’s a complete video of the event:

And here is the slide show as a PDF, along with copies of the handouts.

A few days later I presented a participatory workshop on the medieval repertory. This was less tightly structured, being an overview of my work from the past number of years trying to understand the breadth of traditions and approaches that can be used to try and get a sense of how the lost medieval Gaelic harp traditions may have worked.

Once again, you can download the slideshow and handouts here.


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